Posted on Jul 1, 2017

New York Pizza and Deli

Hi folks! Recently we have been getting many bad reviews online based on our food quality and customer service. We soon realized, based on details given in the reviews, that these "New York Style Pizza" orders aren't our place. To start we would like to inform everyone that we do not place flyers underneath doors of hotels/condos because the city of Myrtle Beach prohibits it. So ALL of the NY Pizza flyers with very inexpensive food are not us. This is a re-occuring problem that has been happening in Myrtle Beach, where people will run "pizza shops" out of their garages. If the flyer has NO ADDRESS, they are most likely ran out of someones garage. Another way to tell if its our restaurant or not, is to check the phone numbers. We have 2 lines; 843-497-5900 and 843-497-5922. If the number on the flyer is not either of those, it is NOT our place. Our reputation has slowly been damaged because of these horrible reviews that aren't for us. There have been several about getting food delivered late at night (1 am- 3 am). We stop delivering at 10:00 pm! Below are some of the flyers that are impersonating our shop, and our actual menu, circled in red (on the left, with our address and phone numbers). So please before writing a bad review that could hurt our family-run business, please read this post and make sure 100% it is our place. If you ever received food that wasn't excellent, please give us a call and we will take proper care of you. Thank you!
New york pizza and Deli staff
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